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Mehrtens, Cord       Back

Born: 1835 in Vollersote, Deutschland (Kreis Osterholz)
Deceased: 1896
Gender: male

Wife:    Mehrtens, Luecke (*1834)
Father:    Mehrtens, Harm (*1807)
Mother:    Mehrtens, Catherina (*1807)
Child:    Meyerhoff, Meta Catharina (*1861)

Personal homepage:  not available

#14 house in Vollersote- now "Gasthaus Renken", owned by Erna Renken Schnakenberg who's grandfather bought it from Cord Mehrtens (Cord built it in 1860, it burned down in 1910)
Baptism: February 11, 1835, Hambergen, Hannover, Prussia, Germany

records from Evangelisch - Lutherische Kirche Hambergen, Protestant-Lutheran Church records, copy in the state archives, Bremen, 1715-1852

Name: Curt Mehrtens
Arrival Date: 23 May 1885
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Russia
Ship Name: Eider
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 12
Microfilm Roll: 486
List Number: 609
CURT MEHRTENS Laborer 50 (1835) M 1885-05-23 Germany Eider
HEINR. MEHRTENS Laborer 21(1864) M 1885-05-23 Germany Eider
CARSTEN MEHRTENS Unknown 17 (1868) M 1885-12-12 Germany Eider
ADELINE MEHRTENS Farmer 13 (1872) F 1885-05-23 Germany Eider
ANNA MEHRTENS Child, Youngster 7 (1878) F 1885-05-23 Germany Eider
MATHILDE MEHRTENS Child, Youngster 7 (1878) F 1885-05-23 Germany Eider
ADELHEID MEHRTENS Child, Youngster 4 (1881) F 1885-05-23 Germany Eider

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