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Dipl.-Ing. Windhorst, Alf Dietmar       Back

Born: 1967 in Frankfurt, Deutschland (Hessen)
Gender: male

Wife:    Windhorst, Katrin Stefanie (*1966)
Mother:    Windhorst, Elke (*1942)
Father:    Windhorst, Dietmar Herrmann (*1934)
Child:    Windhorst, Nils Fabian Dietmar (*2002)
Child:    Windhorst, Annika Lea Sophie (*2004)
Brother:    Windhorst, Dirk Karl-Heinz (*1972)

Personal homepage:  not available

On January 24th 2005, I've activated this web application to become a place for everyone with the last name Windhorst or for people who are related to them.

I found several web pages with discussions and questions about historical data and genealogical research. So why don't build an all-in-one place with this web site which can be easily found with the last name's second level domain?! ;-)

Hopefully the data will become more and more and this web site (including the possibility to save relations between the persons) will help others to find out more about their forefathers or to find related people.

Of course this web site can also be used to provide family-related news and by adding those data to the public area even friends can view them.

Here you can read some more details about the place where I am living, Friedrichsdorf, Hessen (German only!). Helden der Kindheit.

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