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Please take a look at the Windhorst Almanc page (formerly Resources). I found several new Windhorst domains and some more details in the Web...

Well I have removed the search messages from the default page since I haven't found a solution for an approval board. But now there's another nice thing included with the front page: It shows the most recent web content about 'Windhorst' - with separated articles for the English and German starting page. Also every detail page of a person will have web content links automatically created and included at the end of the page.

Since the fight against spamers is still going on, I will try to get an approval mod for the forum up to the server so that every search message must be approved by the site admin before it will become visible on the front page!

Today I published a minor update on the genealogy server. All visitors can now add messages to the "search for..." board which will be displayed on the start page of the genealogy websites. This way the messages which were previously posted in the guestbook will get much more notice!

Hey you are _really_ the "King of the world"! Did you really had success in hacking a guestbook of a private genealogy page? - uuuuh!! Why didn't you hack the whitehouse page or the cia? Just scared shitless? I hope your ip scrambling is better than your hacks! Ever thought about spending your time with something useful?

Today I received 2 great pics. Not directly related to Windhorst but to my first name, Alf. Find these great shots here

SPAM-Attack...*%$§/!&%§* Well, some web spammer seem to to have fun in spamming the windhorst web. They used the "want guest login" function and the guestbook to post their links. Sorry if you have received emails from the windhorst-server with guestlogin-requests from such spammers! I have enhanced both web forms with a simple confirmation code and hopefully this will be enough to stop those spam robots. Please let me know, if you will receive spam created by the guest login requests in the future - then I'll try to find other ways to stop them...

Yep the second step is completed: The family tree page will now load _much_ faster since I have splitted the page in a basic page without content and an additional iframe which loads the tree data. Initially I didn't expect much shorter loading time but a better user feedback since the basic frame is pretty small and will load independently from the tree data but when I now looked to the result it seems that the IIS (Internet Information Server) is giving us some extra boost by also sending the tree data much faster...
Anyway: It's much more convinient _and_ you can now do some extra filtering on the trees: All sub branches that include more than 20 people will be listed as a main root and can be selected to show just this part of the tree. In addition to the main roots, you can select also every person record as a new starting point in the tree. Enjoy... the next changes will come soon... ;)

OK, first step is finished: The family tree engine is optimized now. Previously it has worked on the database directly (and for the windhorst database it has took ~90 minutes for a complete tree), now it has a lot of caching code and it now needs just 20 seconds for a complete calculation. :-) So adding new details or changing data is not slowing down the server any more (at least not that slowing down as it has happened before ;-) ).
So that's a good basis to enhance the engine with new functionalities like filtering for single family trees etc. This will come soon...

Wow! When I started this web just one year ago, I never thought that something like this could ever happen!!! In the last weeks a lot of "new Windhorst people" have added their details to the database and right now the family tree is just exploded. I have talked to many many very kind Windhorst people since this web was available in the Internet and all of you have helped to build "our" family tree. So at this point it's time to say


Although it's great to read about new Windhorst persons here at there are some technical issues coming with the large amount of people. I never thought that this database would cause trouble on the server but it did...Now we have reached a level where picking a specific person from the selection boxes or even just finding a person in the list could become difficult and of course adding new details is causing the server to calculate the tree with a painful performance.
I promise to work on this things so that the server will perform better and also functionalities like defining filters for the family trees etc. will be included. Just give me some time to look into the code... ;-)

Uhh, lot's of changes... :-) I've put a few pictures to the site and meanwhile there are a lot of new person profiles! Great what we have found out so far??! I have adjusted the tree engine which is drawing the family tree since it had a problem with some branches. Now it should look better...
Please visit the resources page too! I have added several new links with Windhorst content! As always: If you should stumble into other Windhorst websites: Drop me a short line and I will add those sites!!

Unfortunately I haven't that much time to include all of the data that reached me with the book of Johannes Stöber and the dutch data from Coen Turkenburg.
But at least there's a small technical improvement: You can now upload pics on your profile page! :-)

With help from Bärbel Voltermann (thanks so much, Bärbel!), I found a book about Windhorst families. It was written on 1997 by Johannes Stöber and contains 250 pages about Windhorst people. A lot of family trees, pictures etc. Unfortunately this book isn't available on the market but in special archives of a genealogical organisation only. But our luck is that they have one archive in Frankfurt. I will visit it on thursday, 03/03 and hope to find it there... I'm pretty excited because this book contains not only German Windhorst people but also a lot of emigrants! Let's see, which links we can get out of it...

Since the database was growing pretty fast and the notification could become annoying, I have enhanced this service: You can now select the time frame for getting notified from a daily, weekly or monthly basis!