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Windhorst Almanac

When I searched the web for other people with our name, I didn't find only people but a lot of other interesting resources. So here comes my extract (if you know other interesting web pages which should be listed on this page, please drop me note).

Before I start with our last name, I want to provide 2 pretty nice pics, that I received today (13th Nov. 2006) by Email and which are related to my first name: Alf, the village und Alf, the factory. Thanks to Sven! Today (April, 16 2007) I received another great picture: Alf, the street. Thanks to Anja!

Cities called Windhorst:
There is a German city called Windhorst. It's located in Niedersachsen, Landkreis Diepholz/Nienburg. It was really challenging to find more details and if you can provide more information... ;-) It seems that city is a bit oversized since as far as I found out Windhorst is just a small district from 27333 Warpe. Later on I found another link which made it even a smaller thing: At this site the district was called Burdorf Windhorst - but there must exist something because they have their own emblem, which you can find here. But until I will look into it on my next holidays in that region, there's the presumption that there is just a small accumulation of houses... ;-)
Windhorst Emblem

There is another city, located in Kansas, USA (district Ford). I found this website ( is down unfortunately but here you can find a map) with some details but nothing more. When I look at the hotel list of Windhorst, Kansas it seems that we cannot take this Windhorst granted to be the bigger one because none of the listed hotels is located in Windhorst - so I'm really interested in this Windhorst too but probably I will run into a holiday problem... ;-)

Please find also Peter Windhorst's genealogy website about the Windhorsts of Wesenstedt (Germany) and Minnesota (USA), containing trees, photos etc.

Windhorst Domains: Owner is Alf Windhorst, this is what you are currently reading ;-) Owner is Peter Windhorst, living near San Francisco. Owner is Henning Windhorst, Germany. Owner is...Henning Windhorst, Germany. Owner is...again...Henning Windhorst, Germany. Owner is...uh...better don't ask...again...Henning Windhorst, Germany. Owner is Windhorst Transport B.V., a dutch logistics company. - Owner is Sebastian Windhorst, a German IT-Consultant. Identical content at (listed below). Owner is Peter Schillig (Com1 EDV-Systeme GmbH), a German HW reseller. They seem to have no relation to our name. Owner is Hans-Jürgen Windhorst, German HW reseller. - Owner is Stefan Windhorst. He is farming a 20,000m² park and flower garden. - Owner is Windhorst Gorski LLC, US architects. Owner is Windhorst Ruhm GmbH, a German company (facility management). Owner is Horst Windhorst. A german estate agent. - Owner is Sebastian Windhorst. A german IT-Consultant. Identical (German) content provided with 1st level domains: .com, .net, .org. Owner is Ariane Windhorst. See also
New Owner is Windhorst-Ruhm GmbH, a German company (facility management). - Owner is Windhorst Stahl- & Metallbau GmbH, a German shopwindow construction company. Owner is family Windhorst, Diepenau. Private family homepage. Owner is Oliver Windhorst, Pörnbach. Private family homepage. Owner is Windhorst Electrical, see also Owner is Windhorst Electrical, providing industrial automation & controls. Owner is Windhorst Matress Center in Bedford, US. Owners are Larry & Sharon Windhorst, real estate business agents. Owner is Windhorst Techniek, an Eltro specialist from the Netherlands. - Owner is again Horst Windhorst. Owner is Ariane Windhorst. This is the website of her journalism office. Owner is Wilhelm Windhorst, Diepenau. Private german family homepage. Owners are their parents. Memorial page for their daughter which was murdered in 2002. Owner is Horst Windhorst. Redirecting to Owner is Ina Windhorst. She is working as a graphic designer with a focus on CI development. Owner is Jeroen Windhorst. Private dutch homepage. Owner is Cornelia Meier-Windhorst. This is her contact homepage about marketing&communication.
PatrickWindhorst- Owner is Patrick Windhorst (Massac County State Attorney). This is his private homepage. Owner is Kanzlei Windhorst, Hellpap, Dr. Ziegenhagen, a German law firm. Owner is Wilfried Windhorst, Espelkamp. A german tax consultant. Owner is Tobias Windhorst. Previously his was his Private german homepage currently there is just a redirect to his political party. Registered by a German internet provider, the actual owner is unknown but the domain sounds like a law firm?! ;-) Owner is Richard Windhorst, a flower Import/Export from the Netherlands. Owner is Wolfgang Windhorst from Lübbecke, without content so far. Owner is 'Sauer+Windhorst', German tax consultants. Owner is Wilhelm Windhorst, a German HW reseller.

Lars Windhorst
Of course the name Windhorst has reached a great popularity by Lars Windhorst. Starting as a "German Wunderkind" of information technology he had built an international enterprise several years ago. Today he is still present in press releases but with stories about the inglorious end of his company. I don't know much about him and about the stories but maybe there's a chance that we will see him in a far away future here at and maybe he could tell us about the highs and downs.
Lars Windhorst

Windhorst and NASA project 'Hubble':
Rogier A. Windhorst, Professor of Astronomy at the Arizona State University, is involved in the Hubble project. Here you can find news about this project: 1, 2, 3. This is the ASU project's start page. By using this Google-query you can find a lot of pages about his activities.

Books written by Windhorst people:
Modern Techniques in Neuroscience Research - edited by Uwe Windhorst und Hakan Johansson
Modern Techniques in Neuroscience Research by Uwe Windhorst and Hakan Johansson

Fit for beach - edited by Monika Windhorst. German only.

Zeitmaschinen - Mythos und Technologie eines Menschheitstraums - Edited by Falko Blask und Ariane Windhorst. German only.
Zeitmaschinen von Falko Blask und Ariane Windhorst

There are a lot of agricultural publications from Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst.

Other things related to Windhorst:
Actually I found a music album in France. There isn't much available but I guess that the singer/band is called Windhorst, not the album title?!
Windhorst audio cd

On this website I found some information about an actress, Malissa Windhorst. "Mistress of Seduction" is the film title mentioned there. Talking about actors we should mention Karl-Heinz Windhorst too. He was part of several German TV movies (i.e. "Monaco-Franzl") and act in theaters (i.e. with German well known Wussow, Semmelrogge etc.).